Talisayen Cove Travel Guide

April 10, 2017

Talisayen Cove is located between Anawangin and Nagsasa. It’s the least popular of the three with only three resorts sharing the cove. Resorts provide camping sites and a number of tables but not cottages. You will notice small cottages but those are privately owned. Talisayen Cove tend to have fewer guests and going there on a weekday may satisfy your craving for a more relaxed isolated destination.

Talisayen Cove from the boat

Talisayen Accommodation Rates

  • Overnight Rate Php 100 per person
  • If you don’t have a tent, rent one in Pundaquit for Php 300 good for 3-4 persons

Boat Rates to Talisayin Cove

  1. Small Boat (1-4pax) Php Php 1,500
    • +Php 300/boat for Capones Island Hopping (Capones Beach is now charging Php 350 per person entrance fee)
    • +Php 200/boat for Camara Island Hopping
  2. Big Boat (minimum 10pax) Php 300 per person or Php 3,000 per boat
    • +Php 100/person for Camara Island Hopping
    • +Php 100/person for Capones Island Hopping

We suggest you contact a boatman before your trip and finalize boat rates with him directly. He can offer you a cheaper rate depending on the size of your group and destination plus any side trips. Contact Akong +639462502454, he was our boatman during our trip.

Food Options

  • Buy your food from the market and bring whatever you need to cook your food.
  • Food stall only offers basic snacks and drinks. Cold drinks may not always be available.


  • No globe/smart cell signal
  • No electricity. Generator is off during weekdays.
Talisayin Cove Photo Gallery

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