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    Treasure Mountain during Sunrise

    Treasure Mountain in Tanay, Rizal minus the sea of clouds

    November 9, 2017

    Treasure mountain is our second attempt to witness the sea of clouds near Manila. The first one was from another resort within the same vicinity. During both times, we were unlucky. Unlucky, but certainly not disappointed.

    Treasure Mountain

    Waiting for sunrise

    We arrived at the shed beside the highway a little past 4 AM. It was dark and all we can see was a muddy trail going up. We didn’t want to risk getting the car stuck in the mud so we decided to just park it near the shed, right before the Lomi house. With absolutely no idea how long it would take us to tackle the road on foot, we ended up taking the tricycle for fear of missing the sunrise.

    treasure mountain

    The tricycle ride lasted for 10-15 minutes with a lot of bumpy turns since only a small stretch of the road was paved. You will be dropped off at the parking area where you must log-in and pay the entrance fee.

    Treasure mountain trail

    Once you enter the gate, you’ll see groups of tents scattered around different areas of the mountain. It was too dark to explore the whole vicinity so we ended up waiting for the sun to rise at the top-most area which was a short 10-minute walk from the gate. It was cold, windy, and everything was just peaceful. When we reached the top, there were only a couple of tents pitched and everyone was still asleep. For a few short minutes, it seemed like we had the summit all to ourselves.

    treasure mountain top

    Treasure Mountain before sunrise

    Waiting for sunrise

    Slowly, the sun started rising, exposing the beauty around us. We quickly scouted for an area for sunrise photos and chose the area near the rock formations. No sea of clouds, but the view was surprising for something that requires almost zero hiking, especially for a destination relatively close to Manila. Being the type of person who loves sunrises and mountain views, not being able to witness the sea of clouds wasn’t a complete deal breaker. I just see it as another opportunity to come back. Who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky on our next visit.

    Treasure Mountain Sunrise

    Treasure Mountain Sunrise without the sea of clouds

    Treasure mountain no sea of clouds

    Treasure Mountain during Sunrise

    How to get to Treasure Mountain

    Private Vehicle

    We took the Marcos Highway route which is very straightforward. From Sta. Lucia East Mall, it’s about an hour away without traffic. It would be hard to get lost since all you really have to do is follow the road until you reach the Maysawa circuit jump-off. The road going to treasure mountain would be on your left side. Best to turn on Waze so you’ll know exactly where to make the turn. If you reach Ten Cents to Heaven or Sierra Madre Mountain Resort Hotel, you’ve already missed the turn.

    Another route is via Sampaloc in Tanay. It’s the same road going to Daranak Falls. We’ve never taken this route before but you can refer to Treasure Mountain’s facebook post below:

    SECOND ROUTE IS VIA SAMPALOC IN TANAY. You’ll take Sampaloc road and will pass by the street to Daranak Falls. Go straight until you arrive at a junction and then, turn left. Following the scenic road, it will be a 45-minute to 1-hour drive. You’ll pass by Sierra Madre Resort on your right, Ten Cents to Heaven on your left, then Pico de Pino on your right. As you pass over Pico de Pino, you’re already near so drive a little further. Treasure Mountain will be on your right side. Turn right as you see a waiting shed or the jump-off of Maysawa Circuit (Mt. Sapari and Mt. Binutasan) Similarly, go straight and you’ll turn right as you see our signage.

    From the highway to Treasure Mountain gate

    The road going up to Treasure Mountain’s gate isn’t cemented. If it’s raining or if it rained the previous day, expect a very muddy rough road. The average sedan won’t have a problem passing through the road unless it’s too muddy. But expect a rough road with only a short portion being cemented. Since we didn’t want to risk going through the rough road, we decided to just park our vehicle near the shed and take a tricycle going up. It would cost you Php 50 per head per way. If you want to save money, you can just take on the 1.5 km stretch by foot (~45 min walk).


    Treasure Mountain Parking Space

    Treasure Mountain Parking Space

    If you decide to take your vehicle straight to the gate, they have limited parking spaces. They also charge a Php 20 fee for day tour parking and Php 40 fee for overnight parking.


    Reaching Treasure Mountain via commute is also possible. You’ll have two options – Cogeo route or Tanay route.

    Details are taken from Treasure Mountain’s facebook post.

    • Cogeo Route
      • Ride a van or jeepney going to Cogeo Gate 2 or Padilla
      • Get off at Gate 2 and ride a jeepney bound to Sampaloc, Tanay
      • You will pass the following: Boso-boso Resort, Foremost Farms, Palo Alto, and Garden Cottages
      • Get-off at Sitio Maysawa, waiting shed or the jump-off to the Maysawa Circuit
      • Walk or take a tricycle
    • Tanay Route
      • Take a jeepney going to Tanay town proper
      • From Tanay Public Market, ride a jeepney going to Cuyambay
      • OR take a jeepney going to Sampoloc and get off at the junction
      • Take a jeepney bound for Cogeo
      •  You’ll get off at Sitio Maysawa or Maysawa Circuit

    Treasure Mountain Rates


    • Day Tour 4 AM to 3 PM
    • Overnight 4 PM to 1 PM (next day)

    Entrance Fees

    • Day Tour – Php 150 per head
    • Overnight – Php 200 per head
    • *Note: Walk-ins are allowed for day tours, reservation is required for overnight stays.

    Camping Fees

    • Pitching Fee (own tent) – Php 300 per tent
    • Tent Rental Fees
      •  (good for 2 pax) Php 500 per tent
      • (good for 4 pax) – Php 800 per tent
    • Sleeping Mat – Php 200 per mat
    • *Note: If you’re renting a tent, a Php 1,000 (small tent) / Php 1,500 (big tent) deposit is required.

    Overnight Lodging Options

    • Kubo Rental Php 3,000 (max 6 guests)
    • Php 500 per person minimum of two guests and maximum of five


    • Breakfast – Php 150
    • Lunch or Dinner – Php 250

    Treasure Mountain


    • Bring your jacket. We arrived before 5 am and it was cold and windy.
    • Bring headlamps or flashlights.
    • Bring your own garbage bag if you’re staying overnight.
    • They also have an optional guided trip to Bosay Falls. It would be Php 500 for a maximum of 5 persons.
    • Corkage fee is Php 50 per bottle.
    • For day tours, arrive before sunrise. During sunrise is the best time to take photos.

    Treasure Mountain Photo Gallery