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    Tambobong Beach Dasol, Pangasinan

    DASOL PANGASINAN Travel Guide – Itinerary, Budget, Resorts

    May 20, 2017

    I have to admit, Dasol, Pangasinan wasn’t really on our list. It was merely a product of a canceled trip. Our bags were packed, and we needed to come up with a new plan quickly. We ended up choosing the most accessible destination that we haven’t been to which lead us to Dasol.

    Tambobong Beach, Dasol, Pangasinan

    Clear water at Tambobong Beach

    Manila to Tambobong Beach, Dasol, Pangasinan

    At 2 am we were on board a Victory Liner bus headed for Bolinao with no specific itinerary, only certainty that we’re heading towards Tambobong beach. By 7:15 am, we were already at Alaminos which is where we got off. We had to wait for almost an hour for the bus bound for Sta. Cruz to arrive. The moment we got off the bus at Burgos market, tricycle drivers started offering us a ride to either Cabongaoan or Tambobong. You can ask them to wait for you if you plan on buying supplies from the market.

    Burgos Market

    Burgos Market – where you can eat and buy supplies

    The tricycle ride from Burgos to Tambobong beach took us about an hour. A majority of the road is paved, and personally, the unpaved parts didn’t bother me too much or maybe I was just expecting the ride to be much worse. I was close to falling asleep for most of the ride. Since we didn’t have any idea where we plan on sleeping (aka pitch our tent), we just told the driver to drop us off at R Paradise Resort.

    Finally at Tambobong Beach

    Upon arrival, I was a bit surprised at how small the actual beach area was. It was literally next to the road. There weren’t any accommodations along the beach itself, but there were a lot of tables for rent. Actual accommodations were located on the other side of the road which is just a few steps away from the beach.

    Tambobong Beach

    Tambobong beach next to the road

    We inquired about tent pitching at the neighboring lot beside R Paradise Resort and got quoted Php 200 per person. We weren’t sold about pitching our tents at the beach due to the lack of shade. Our budget didn’t allow for anything more than the tent pitching fee so renting a room was completely out of the question. I guess Kuya noticed our hesitation so he told us we could also pitch our tents at Colibra Island.

    We failed to settle on any plans and decided to go on with the boat tour. We brought our bags during the trip and informed the boatman that we’ll decide if we’ll stay at Colibra for the night once we see the island. So the boatman gave us both the day tour and overnight rates.

    Dasol Island Hopping

    Island hopping in Dasol mostly just covers Colibra/Colebra Island and Cabucangan Cave. The boat will just pass by Crocodile Island on the way back to Tambobong beach. But we wanted to see Balinmanok cove as well, and that entailed an extra cost.

    Dasol Pangasinan Island Hopping

    During our boat ride

    The boats can accommodate up to six people, and none of them have shade so don’t skimp on the sunblock.

    Boats at Tambobong Beach

    Boats at Tambobong Beach

    Balinmanok Cove

    Our first stop was Balinmanok Cove. Our boatman was pointing at an area where the shipwreck used to be but I was so distracted taking pictures of the island I failed to listen to the whole story. From the boat, Balinmanok cove was looking so appealing and photogenic, I couldn’t wait to get off the boat.

    Balinmanok Cove, Dasol, Pangasinan

    View of Balinmanok Cove from the boat

    We docked on the other side of the cove where boats are parked so we can take photos. We weren’t able to check out the resorts since they have entrance fees and we didn’t have much time to look around, so a few minutes at Balinmanok were more than enough for us.

    Balinmanok Cove

    Colibra/Colebra Island

    Colibra Island, Dasol, Pangasinan

    The boat ride to Colibra island wasn’t as smooth since the waves were a bit bigger but not enough to get us wet. Once we arrived at Colibra Island, we inquired about overnight rates. Before we got the rates, Kuya Rocky first asked us if we were willing to stay on the island even though there’s a chance of it raining hard in the afternoon. We agreed to stay despite the threat of rain and told our boatman to fetch us early the next day.

    The first thing I noticed about Colibra island was the sand. It was so soft that I was already anticipating a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, the island lacked shade, and we had no choice but to wait until late afternoon to pitch our tent. Even then, it was too hot to stay inside the tent.

    Before dinner time, we explored the other side of the island so we can witness the sunset. Everything about that moment was so calming, from the sound of the waves to the quickly changing colors of the sky. It was unfortunate that we forgot to bring our flashlights, so we were forced to go back to the beach area before it became completely dark.

    Other side of Colibra Island

    Other side of Colibra Island where we watched the sunset

    Our stay in Colibra Island could have been peaceful if not for the two individuals who were fighting and shouting at each other the entire night. I guess that’s the biggest risk with camping, you have no control over who you share the area with and there’s nothing to protect you from the noise aside from your tent.

    Even though Colibra Island is a charming island, staying there overnight isn’t for everyone. Only stay there overnight if you’re willing to put up with the lack of shade and shower area. Otherwise, stay in either Balinmanok or Tambobong if you prefer a more comfortable stay.

    Cabacungan Cove

    We visited Cabacungan cove the next day after our overnight stay at Colibra Island. Originally, we have planned for it during the first day, but our boatman told us it would be harder for him to dock because of the waves, so he suggested we visit Cabacungan early morning the next day.

    Cabucangan Cove

    Cabucangan Cove

    The cove is more famous for its cave, but I didn’t see it as the main highlight. If we weren’t pressed for time, I would have preferred to stay at Cabucangan longer just to relax.

    Back to Tambobong Beach

    Our tricycle driver was already waiting for us at Tambobong beach. Lucky for us, he decided to wait even though we were an hour late (our text message failed to send). Instead of going back to Burgos market, we headed to Cabongaoan beach which will be the topic of our next post. But just so you’re aware, Cabongaon beach is accessible via tricycle or boat from Tambobong. As far as Dasol, Pangasinan goes, that’s the entirety of our experience.

    You can view other photos on our facebook page:

    Dasol, Pangasinan Sample Expenses (Group of 6)

    Overnight at Colibra Island (tent accom. group of 6)
    Php 786/person Roundtrip Bus Cubao-Alaminos
    Php 60/person Roundtrip Bus/Jeep Burgos-Alaminos (Jeep is Php 26, Bus is Php 30)
    Php 233/person Roundtrip tricycle (two tricycles)
    Php 80 Breakfast at Burgos market 1st day
    Php 80 Lunch at Burgos market 2nd day
    Php 1,500 per group Market Budget (lunch, dinner, breakfast, snacks, water, charcoal)
    Php 1,800 Island hopping

    • Colibra Island
    • Cabacungan Cove
    • Crocodile Island
    • Balinmanok Cove
    Php 100/boat Colibra Island Docking fee
    Php 100/boat Cabucangan Cove Docking Fee
    Php 1,100/group Overnight at Colibra Island (inclusive of only one tent)
    Php 25/person Colibra Entrance Fee
    Php 80/person Lunch at Burgos market *2nd day
    TOTAL P2,031 per person

    Dasol, Pangasinan Resorts

    • Balinmanok Resorts
    • R Paradise Resort Tambobong Beach
    • Colibra Island
      • Contact Kuya Rocky 09491957299

    Dasol Boat Contact

    • Kuya Bong Garcia 09508810192

    Dasol Tricycle Driver

    • Kuya Ronel 09465091327

    Dasol, Pangasinan Photo Gallery