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    Zamabales boat tour

    San Antonio, Zambales Travel Guide

    April 10, 2017

    Whether you’re hitting the coves or hiking Mt. Pundaquit, Pundaquit town serves as your main jump-off point. From here you can rent a boat, hire a guide, rent a tent, park your car and buy your food supplies. There are also a number of resorts lined up within the area which satisfies a wide budget range.

    Pundaquit Boat Jump Off

    Getting ready to leave Pundaquit

    How to get to Pundaquit from Manila via Public Transportation

    Getting to Pundaquit will just take a bus ride plus a short tricycle ride and total travel time is around four hours.

    1. Ride a Victory Liner Bus from Cubao to Iba, Zambales (there are also other terminals – Pasay, Caloocan)
    2. Tell the conductor you’re getting off at San Antonio public market
    3. Ride a tricycle to Pundaquit

    How to get to Pundaquit from Manila via Private Transporation

    • via Sctex (easier route, more expensive toll fees)
      1. Take NLEX northbound
      2. Exit SCTEX
      3. SCTEX to Subic
      4. Exit SBMA
      5. Drive all the way to Pundaquit, San Antonio Zambales (you can look for Pundaquit parking in Waze)
    • via Pampanga
      1. Take NLEX northbound
      2. Exit San Fernando
      3. Drive to Dinalupihan, Bataan (Waze bariotik kitchen and garden hermosa that’s almost across the road going to sctex)
      4. Take SCTEX going to Subic
      5. Exit SBMA
      6. Drive all the way to Pundaquit, San Antonio Zambales (you can look for Pundaquit parking in Waze)
    • *Parking Fees
      • Day – Php 100
      • Overnight – Php 200

    San Antonio, Zamables Coves

    All coves do not have cell signal and electricity. If you prefer air-conditioned rooms, you can visit the coves during the day and stay in any of the resorts in Pundaquit. Day tour and overnight fees are pretty much the same on all coves unless you’ll be renting a cottage or kubo.

    Tourists have four coves to choose from:

    Anawangin Cove

    • Silanguin Cove – Silanguin Cove is the farthest cove from Pundaquit. It’s a relatively new destination and is quite similar to the other coves except for the fact that the sand isn’t as white as the other three coves. Due to time limitations, we were unable to visit Silanguin but we’re hoping to camp there once we get a chance to revisit Zambales.


    Island Hopping ( Side Trips)

    Before or after hitting the cove/s, most tourists would visit at least one island as a side trip. There are mainly two options that area within close proximity to Pundaquit:

    • Camara Island – there’s no entrance fee here but would cost an additional fee for the boat. Read more about Camara and Capones Islands

    • Capones Island – It’s a much bigger island than Camara and offers both a beach and an option to hike to the light house. Note that tourists will now have to pay Php 350 per person to get access to the beach. Read more about Camara and Capones Islands

    Capones Beach

    Boat Tour Rates

    Tour rates are standard and you’re better off getting better rates if you contact a boatman prior to your trip. You will need to tell him your group size, destination, and any side trips. Our boatman was  Akong +639462502454

    Zambales boat tour rates

    Pundaquit Accommodations

    If camping isn’t your thing or you can’t handle not having cell signal for more than a day, you can choose to stay in Pundaquit for the night. The popular resorts can be searched on Google. We took photos of some of the signages along the road in case you need other options.