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    Nagsasa Cove Travel Guide

    April 9, 2017

    Resorts within Nagsasa Cove have narrower cuts which equate to smaller camping sites. Smaller doesn’t necessarily mean bad, on the upside there are fewer people sharing the bathroom and the owners/managers of the resort tend to have a more personalized (warmer) approach towards their guests.
    Nagsasa Cove beach

    How to get to Nagsasa Cove

    1. One hour boat ride from Pundaquit
    2. Hike Mt. Bira Bira
    3. Hike Mt. Balingkilat

    Nagsasa Cove Accommodations

    Majority of the people staying here would either rent a tent or bring their own tents. We saw one resort offering small basic cottage rooms but tents are more of the norm.

    Accommodation Rates:

    • Tent Rental Php 300 good for 4
    • Overnight Rate Php 100 per person
    • Day Tour Entrance Fee Php 50 per person
    • Table Rentals Php 100 – 150

    Nagsasa Cove Tables for rent

    Boat Rates to Nagsasa Cove

    1. Small Boat (1-4pax) Php Php 1,800
      • +Php 300/boat for Capones Island Hopping (Capones Beach is now charging Php 350 per person entrance fee)
      • +Php 200/boat for Camara Island Hopping
    2. Big Boat (minimum 10pax) Php 400 per person or Php 4,000 per boat
      • +Php 100/person for Camara Island Hopping
      • +Php 100/person for Capones Island Hopping

    We suggest you contact a boatman before your trip and finalize boat rates with him directly. He can offer you a cheaper rate depending on the size of your group and destination plus any side trips. Contact Akong +639462502454, he was our boatman during our trip.

    Food Options

    • Food stalls have limited and very basic options – usually offering beer, juice, soda and a few snacks
    • Best to buy from the market before heading to Nagsasa so you can prepare and cook your own meals.


    Nagsasa Cove Store

    • No globe/smart signal
    • No electricity. Some resorts may have generators but come prepared with your powerbanks and flashlights.
    • Boat ride is around an hour from Pundaquit, waterproof your gadgets by placing them inside plastics or dry bags.
    Nagsasa Cove Photo Gallery

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