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Mt. Samat

    Mount Samat National Shrine, Pilar Bataan

    April 23, 2017

    Mount Samat National Shrine is a popular tourist spot in Bataan, but on its own, it may not be worth the 3-hour drive from Manila. We do, however, recommend it as a side trip especially if you’re visiting Bagac or Mariveles. Your car or a tricycle (if you’re commuting) can take you all the way up to the entrance of this historical landmark.

    Mt. Samat

    From there, you have two options, you can either take your car all the way to the top parking spot, or you can park near the museum and go up the ramp.

    Ramp going up the cross

    Once you enter the museum, the guard will ask for your tickets so make sure you have them with you. The museum is small but air conditioned. I would have preferred more details for each exhibit or at least an available standby guide or staff I can turn to if I have questions. Nevertheless, for 30 pesos it was a worthwhile and educational side trip for our group.

    Mount Samat Museum

    Mount Samat Rates

    • Entrance Fee Php 30 per person
    • Parking Php 40
    • Entrance fee for foreigners and students may be different

    Mount Samat National Shrine Photo Gallery