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    Crystal Beach Resort Zambales Travel Guide

    April 16, 2017

    Crystal Beach Resort

    Crystal Beach Resort in Narciso, Zambales is perhaps one of the most popular resorts in the area, and it’s easy to understand why. Aside from the fact that the resort can accommodate hundreds of guests, there are also quite a number of spots that most people would refer to as instagrammable.

    Crystal Beach Resort

    One of the popular spots for photos

    With only my curiosity as the main driving force for visiting the resort, I came with almost no expectations. Since we were visiting on a weekday and we were only planning to pitch our tent, we decided to go straight to the resort as walk-in guests.  The very first thing I noticed was how organized the flow was, from parking your car to checking in, it’s quite obvious how over the years they’ve already come to refine the whole process.

    We brought our tents so we only had to pay Php 550 per person which came with a Php 250 stub that can be used to purchase food and drinks at their restaurant. Unfortunately, most items on their menu are quite pricey, so we decided just to use the stub for breakfast to maximize its worth. We each paid an additional Php 30 on top of the stub amount to avail of their buffet breakfast.

    Crystal Beach Resort Accommodations

    Crystal beach resort offers different types of accommodations – tent pitching, glamping, fan rooms and air-conditioned rooms. Not all rooms have their private restrooms, so that’s one thing guests will need to take note of. One thing I found unappealing was how everything felt so disorganized – campsites and cottages scattered in different areas with only the glamping tents fenced within their own area. But since I’m a person who appreciates a more systematic layout, other people may find charm in all that chaos. The good thing about this is, cottages are far enough from each other which will give guests a better sense of privacy.

    Crystal Beach Resort Rates

    For a complete list of their rates, refer to their website.

    Sample accommodation costs are as follows:

    • Day Tour – Php 350/person (Php 150 consumable)
    • Overnight (Updated with their October 2017 Rates)
      • Tent Pitching (own tent) – Php 685 (w/ breakfast)
      • Tent Rental – Php 950/person (w/ breakfast, mat, pillow, blanket, toiletries)
      • Glamping – Php 2,500 for 2 pax inclusive of breakfast
      • Cottages/Rooms range from Php 1,850 to Php 11,000 form 2 to up to 112 persons

    Jungle Hostel

    If you prefer staying close to the shore, Crystal Beach is also offering another type of kubo type accommodation. Each kubo will cost Php 1,700 per night for 2 persons inclusive of breakfast.

    How to Book

      1. You can book directly through their website —
      2. Or you can also book via agoda so you can earn points
      3. Or email them at (we’re not sure how fast they respond).

    Food Options

    • Guests are allowed to bring in food for cooking in the resort. You’re not allowed to bring in rice cookers though but they have a grilling area where guests can prepare meals, just bring charcoal.
    • They have corkage fees for alcoholic drinks, per bottle or per case.
    • If you don’t want to cook, you can just order food at their restaurant, the food isn’t cheap though. For everything else, there’s a small store near the entrance selling snacks.
    • Leave the resort and explore the stores/restaurants outside.

    How to get to Crystal Beach via Public Transporation

    1. Take any Victory Liner bus bound for Iba
    2. Tell the conductor to drop you off San Narciso, Zambales (near San Sebastian Church)
    3. Take a tricycle going to Crystal Beach Resort (Php 15 per person, or minimum Php 30)


    • Most accommodations are not located near the common restrooms. Make sure to ask the resort which rooms are close to common restrooms if you need a restroom nearby.
    • The resort recently updated their camping rates last October 2017. Price now comes with free breakfast.
    • Crystal beach resort only allows a maximum of 400 campers. If you’re visiting on a weekend or holiday, make sure to reserve your slot.

    Crystal Beach Resort Photo Gallery