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    MARIVELES BATAAN – Itinerary, Budget, and Photos

    March 27, 2017

    Note: Laki Beach is now open but they have increased their day tour and overnight rates. From Php 100, overnight rate is now Php 400, while day tour rate is Php 300. 

    Mariveles, Bataan is finally getting the attention it deserves.  Given its accessibility and close proximity to Manila, it easily qualifies as a great day tour or overnight destination. What initially got me interested with Mariveles was the sunset at Sisiman lighthouse. I was surprised to find out that Mariveles had a lot more to offer. Not only does it give you a wide range of beaches to choose from, going on a boat tour would also allow you to experience cliff diving and snorkeling. The best thing about it is that it will cost your group just a little over one thousand pesos per person.

    Mariveles Five Fingers

    The Mariveles five fingers tour is more popular as a day tour. Just leave Manila early, go on your tour and ride a bus back to Manila. It would be a tiring day for sure, but doable. We preferred a more relaxing pace that’s why we decided to spend the night. I also believe that islands are best experienced twice, in daylight and under a blanket of stars.

    Equipped with our tents, we headed to Porto Balon, inquired about the boat rates, and quickly started our tour. The boat didn’t have any shade, so be prepared with anything that can protect you from the heat of the sun – sunblock, caps, umbrellas etc.

    We originally planned to stay at Apatot cove. At first it seemed like the perfect campsite because the beach was beautiful. After realizing there were hardly any shade with no fresh water source, we ended up staying in Talain Cove.

    Laki beach is a better option for camping but we wanted to avoid the crowd. Our boatman dropped us off at Talain Cove and we quickly set up our tents. Unfortunately, we weren’t aware that during high tide, the water could easily reach our campsite. It was a good thing someone informed us early on so we were able to transfer our tents.

    Our night was spent around a bonfire, toasting marshmallows and drinking beer. As the sky darkened, stars started becoming visible. Star gazing is always a good way to end the night. Before heading to sleep, place all your things inside your tent including food to prevent the dogs from reaching them or you might wake up to a lot of mess. One dog actually found a way to steal one whole fish while we were grilling it, but we didn’t mind. They’re mostly just hungry but not aggressive.

    We asked the boatman to fetch us early in the morning the next day so we didn’t have to cook breakfast.  Before heading home, we stopped by Sisiman lighthouse to take quick photos. If you’re taking a tricycle, ask the driver to wait for you.  If you’re on a day tour, grab the chance to watch the sunset at Sisiman but bring flashlights. Once the sun sets, the place gets pretty dark.

    How to go Mariveles Bataan from Manila

    1. Take the Genesis bus from Cubao to Mariveles terminal P280
    2. Ride a tricycle to Aplaya or Porto Balon P75 (up to 4 passengers)
    3. Hire a boat -P2,500
      • boatmen are already waiting near the basketball court
      • standard roundtrip rate for cove to cove adventure
      • good for 7-8 persons

    * If you have your own vehicle, parking spaces are available for Php 100 (overnight rate). These are just private properties offering their garage for a fee. If those are full, you will need to park your car along the street 5-10 minutes away from the port area.

    Contact number for the boat – 0909-2279356 (Bonnie)


    • Buy everything you need at the Mariveles market, it’s just a short distance from the terminal.
    • You can also buy form the convenience stores just across the bus terminal.
    • Make sure you have everything you’ll need to cook your food (e.g. charcoal, pots/pans)
    • During our tour, we were able to buy Php 200 worth of fish (about 8 pcs) from a fisherman. Tell your boatman you’re interested to buy fresh seafood so he can keep an eye out for any fishermen along your route.
    • Food budget is very flexible. Our Php 1,500 food budget already included a couple of bottles of beer.
    • There are small sari-sari stores in Aplaya or Porto, but don’t expect them to have enough to cover your needs.
    • Ask your boatman if there’s a store near your camping site. We stayed in Talain cove and there was one but it was 15-20mins away from the beach.

    Where To Stay

    • Laki beach (recommended)
      • Php 400 per person entrance fee for overnight (Php 300 for day tour) *yes they just increased their prices.
      • One toilet
      • Lots of shaded area
      • Trees to hang your hammocks
      • Few cottages available (tables)
      • Fresh water is also available for washing up
      • No electricity
    • Talain Cove
      • No entrance fee
      • No toilet
      • No electricity
      • Sari Sari store 15 minutes away depending on where you set up camp
      • Fresh water for washing up but no private shower areas
    •  Hawla Beach (Claubel Resort)
      •  AC and fan rooms available
      • Tent pitching is allowed but you are required to get at least one cottage and pay for an overnight fee
      • Accessible via car or tricycle, so you won’t need a boat ride the next day
      • Claubel Resort Contact Number – 09277116064 (Rechelle)


    • Bus Manila to Mariveles – Php 280 per person
    • Food budget – Php 1,500 for 7 persons
    • Tricycle to Porto – Php 150 for 2 tricycles
    • Boat rental – Php 2,500 for 7 persons
    • Tricycle to Genesis terminal – Php 150 for 2 tricycles
    • Bus Mariveles to Manila – P280 per person
    • Total P1,175 per person

    Optional Side Trips

    • Sisiman Lighthouse
      • only 15-20 min tricycle ride from porto
      • best spot for sunset photos
    • Sisiman Bay
      • this is near the lighthouse
      • cottages are available for rent but they are very basic
      • if you’re planning to camp, ask the locals the best area to pitch your tent
    • San Miguel Peak
      • 20-30 minute hike
      • offers a great view of Sisisman Bay