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Cabongaoan Beach Itinerary

    Exploring Cabongaoan Beach

    CABOANGAN BEACH TRAVEL GUIDE – Itinerary, Budget, Resorts

    May 27, 2017

    Cabongaoan Beach, Burgos, Pangasinan

    Cabongaoan Beach

    I must admit, the reason behind my visit to Cabongaoan Beach was to see the famous ‘Death Pool.’ I had no set expectations for the beach area since I was more occupied researching about the death pool that I forgot about the beach itself. Fortunately, the beach didn’t disappoint. In fact, the water was tough to resist.

    We headed to Cabongaoan beach right after our overnight trip from Dasol, Pangasinan. Basically, from Burgos Market, you can go directly to either Tambobong or Cabongaoan.

    Cabongaoan beach had similar qualities to the beaches in Dasol – the temperature was just right, and the water was clear. But the beach area here is wider compared to Tambobong beach. So if you’re choosing where to sleep, and you’re planning on camping, I suggest you sleep here instead.

    Death Pool Burgos Pangasinan

    Death Pool

    How to go to Cabongaoan Beach from Manila

    1. Victory or FiveStar bus from Cubao to Alaminos or Bolinao Php393 (5hrs)
    2. Get off at Alaminos Bus Station
    3. Go to the Victory Liner terminal (walking distance from FiveStar), wait for bus going to Sta. Cruz Php30 (1 hr) *ordinary bus, no ac*
    4. Get off at Burgos town proper
    5. Hire Trike to Tambobong Beach (45min – 1 hr) (Php350 one way, good for 3pax)
      • get tricycle driver’s contact number so he can fetch you
      • it would be better if you already have a resort in mind so the tricycle can drop you off near that area

    How to go to Cabongaoan Beach from Tambobong Beach

    Cabongaoan Beach

    Cabongaoan Beach

    The cheaper option would be to take a tricycle; costing anywhere between Php 250 – Php 350 per way per group. Be sure to keep your tricycle driver’s number.

    The road isn’t that smooth and can sometimes get dusty. I didn’t find it bothersome but best to prepare yourself for a bumpy and dusty ride.

    The more comfortable and scenic route would be via boat. But it comes with a price. Just recently they raised the price to Php 1,000 for a boat ride from Tambabong to Cabongaoan. It would be the more time efficient option especially if you’re going on an island hopping tour in Dasol and you’re planning to end your day at Cabongaoan.

    Your choices would come down to your budget, if you can afford to spend more, then take the boat.

    How you can reach the Death Pool

    You have two options:

    1. Walk for 20 – 30 minutes.Going to Death PoolFrom the beach, head towards the rocky area on your right. You’ll mostly be walking on sand under no shade. Remember to bring water and don’t skip on the sunblock. The nearer you get, the rockier the path will be. The rocks are quite sharp so make sure you’re not walking barefoot.
    2. Hire a boat. There are a couple of boatmen around the beach area. Just approach them and ask how much they’ll charge for a trip to and from the death pool. We were able to ask one boatman, and he quoted us Php 300 for the trip for a group of up to four people.

    Death Pool of Burgos, Pangasinan

    The death pool isn’t that big, so when it’s crowded, it’s pretty hard to find a spot. We went on a weekday, and we stayed for about an hour within the vicinity but wasn’t lucky enough to have it all to ourselves. Despite the crowd, the area where the death pool is located is still beautiful. Don’t be devastated if you’re unable to get a ‘nice’ photo swimming in the death pool there are still lots of photo opportunities nearby.

    Death Pool Cabongaoan Beach

    Exploring Cabongaoan Beach

    Total Expenses (Budget)

    You’ll be saving a lot if you have you’re bringing your own tent. If you’re not into camping, you’ll be spending a bit more but at least both fan and airconditioned rooms are available.

    Overnight Tent Pitching (Own Tent) Group of 3
    Php 786/person Roundtrip Bus Cubao-Alaminos
    Php 60/person Roundtrip Bus/Jeep Burgos-Alaminos (Jeep is Php 26, Bus is Php 30)
    Php 233/person Roundtrip Tricycle (Php 350 per way)
    Php 80/person Breakfast at Burgos Market 1st Day
    Php 80/person Lunch at Burgos Market 2nd Day
    Php 250/person Market Budget (buy supplies at burgos market for cooking)
    Php 150/person Tent Pitching
    TOTAL P1,640 per person

    Near the death pool

    Cabongaoan Beach Resorts – Where to Stay

    There aren’t any luxury resorts in Cabongaoan beach. If that’s what you’re after, better head to Bolinao instead. There are, however, a number of resorts to choose from and some of them offer airconditioned rooms. You basically have a choice between tent pitching, cottages, fan rooms, and airconditioned rooms.

    Here are few of the resorts:

    1. Amayaj Bora Beach Resort
    2. Luzviminda’s White Sand Beach
      • Facebook Page: LuzvimindaWhiteBeach
      • Contact Numbers:  +639774294605 +639274293762 +639303022687 +639985707971
    3. Roven’s Place
    4. Ragasa Cabo Beach Resort
      • Facebook Page: cabobeachresort
      • Contact Number: +639153863681
      • Tent Pitching: Php 150
      • Day Tour: Php 500 per table and Php 100 per person entrance fee
      • Cottage: Php 2,500 per night
    5. Rendezvous Beach Resort
      • Contact Numbers: +639353745410 +639159570184
    6. Viva La Vida Cabo Resort
    7. D’Cousins Beach Resorts (Miguel’s Place)
      • Contact Number: +639354143649
    8. Bantay Dagat Station (beside Luzviminda’s White Sand Beach)
      • They have two tables available for day tour or overnight. You can negotiate the overnight fee with them including tent pitching fee.

    Travel Tips

    • Buy all your supplies from Burgos Market. Some resorts offer meals but most guests cook their own food.
    • If you’re commuting, get your tricycle driver’s number. You can also contact Kuya Ronel +639465091327
    • From Alaminos bus station, you can opt to ride a tricycle all the way to Cabongoan Beach. But the price can be as high as Php 1,000.
    • Take note of the bus schedule going back to Cubao from Alaminos especially their last trip

    Cabongaoan Beach and Death Pool Gallery