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    Anawangin Cove Travel Guide

    April 9, 2017

    Anawangin Cove is the most famous of all the four coves due to its close proximity to Pundaquit. If you’re on a tight budget, this cove is your best option because boat rates are cheaper and food options are relatively sufficient. Anwangin Cove is never empty even during weekdays so if you’re seeking isolation, you may want to consider other coves.

    Anawangin Cove Accommodations

    Tents are the more popular option for overnighters but recently, due to its popularity, resorts started offering kubos for rent for both day tours and overnight stays. There’s still no electricity in the area which is why others opt to visit the cove during the day and sleep in Pundaquit for a more comfortable stay.

    The cove is divided into different areas limiting your access to the resort of your choice. The whole length of the beach, however, is accessible to everyone.

    Accommodation Rates:

    • Day Tour entrance fee – Php 50 per person
    • Overnight entrance fee – Php 100 per person
    • Kubo Day tour rental – Php 100-200
    • Kubo Overnight –  Php 200 – Php 2,500 (depending on the resort and type of kubo)
    • Cottage Overnight – Php 350
    • Tent Rental starts at Php 300 per tent, you can rent from Pundaquit before heading to Anawangin

    Anawangin Cove Fees

    How to get to Anawangin Cove

    1. Boat Ride from Pundaquit
    2. Hike Mt. Pundaquit

    Boat Rates to Anawangin

    1. Small Boat (1-4pax) Php 1,000
      • +Php 300/boat for Capones Island Hopping (Capones Beach is now charging Php 350 per person entrance fee)
      • +Php 200/boat for Camara Island Hopping
    2. Big Boat (minimum 10pax) Php 200 per person or Php 2,000 per boat
      • +Php 100/person for Camara Island Hopping
      • +Php 100/person for Capones Island Hopping

    We suggest you contact a boatman before your trip and finalize boat rates with him directly. He can offer you a cheaper rate depending on the size of your group and destination plus any side trips. Contact Akong +639462502454, he was our boatman during our trip.

    Food Options

    • Buying food from the market would help minimize expenses. Just bring whatever you’ll need for cooking. There are also charcoals for sale from the small stores at the cove.
    • Chef Ronnie Canteen is open 24 hours
    • There are a few stalls offering snacks (eg turon, halo halo, banana que, etc)


    • No globe/smart signal
    • No electricity. Some resorts may have generators but come prepared with your powerbanks and flashlights.
    Anawangin Cove Photos

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